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Frozen Bottom Sledding Club

colder than a dead witch's tits,
in a brass bra,
on the shady side of an iceberg.

Alaska, the final frontier, home of the Frozen Bottom Sledding Club, [Ultimate Glacier Pilot (UGP)]

Okay, this is a little confusing but I'll do my best to explain how this works:

All of this falls under the Frozen Bottom Sledding Club but you'd still fly for HBRC.


One of our networks includes several of our own FBOs, off-airport glacier strips in Alaska (based on the formerly payware Ultimate Glacier Pilot for X-Plane 10) and the FSE FBOs that those strips are closest to.


The files within that package are pretty self-explanatory. Read it. It's too much to explain here.


When you start or end a flight, FSE's server doesn't verify that you are actually at any specific FBO/airport. Instead, it takes a snapshot of your current coordinates and finds the FBO that is closest to you. It looks for the airport center that's closest to where you start/end your flight. That usually matches the intended FBO, but sometimes one of two anomalies result:

  1. Like our FBO at KNRA Coupeville NOLF, sometimes you're on the correct runway but the nearest airport reference point is at another airport (ref. KNRA glitch and ​also FSE Manual’s ref.).

  2. You might be 1000 miles from the nearest airport, in the middle of the ocean, but if your fuel reasonableness checks out then it's as if you flew all the way there.

The second case is where this works. We figured out which FBOs are closest to each UGP glacier strip, built some nearby FBOs (mostly 1-lot, one 2-lot) and pointed them there.


Instead of flying to the FSE-destination airport, you'll fly to the glacier strip in a bush plane. FSE will recognize your landing at the glacier strip (shown as the "Cargo" assignment in the FSE server) as having arrived at the associated, designated FSE airport (shown as the assignment's "Dest"in the FSE server).

How it works:

  • Select the FBSC FBO that you want to fly from.

  • Select the plane that you wish to use (you'll know it's ours by the FBSC- prefix)

  • Grab the job(s) that you want to fly.

  • As to which glacier strip you'll fly to, that's built into the "Cargo" assignment template. For example, you might pick up the jobs at PATW Cantwell, pictured here:

  • For coordinates, reference this page, or click on the glacier strip tagged in HBRC's Google Map, or reference the list in the UGP package.

    • i.e. "UGP UX07" Thunder Glacier, 62.92813, -151.12285

    • i.e. "UGP UX02" Pika Glacier, 62.96828, -150.74876

  • Fly them from our FBO (i.e. PATW Cantwell) to the glacier strip.

  • At the designated glacier strip, FSE will recognize you as being at the FBO most closely associated with the coordinates of that strip, the one listed as your destination on your "My Flight" page (i.e. 33AK Nugget Beach).

  • There, you can pick up those job(s) and bring them back to the FBSC FBO of original departure (i.e. PATW).

    • for the return flight, disregard the "UGP UX--" cargo assignment, just bring it back to the destination listed, where you originally left from.

Our various FBOs are stocked with Cessna 185s and Piper PA-18 Super Cubs.

Have a look at our FBO map here:
The teal-colored FBOs in Alaska are owned by FBSC, the grey ones are not owned but in most cases they are the FBOs that FSE will recognize your flights terminating and/or originating at.

Here is a list of our FBSC FBOs:

  • in keeping with UGP's original coding, the area is divided into three zones.

    • FBSC-owned FBOs (to the pseudo-destination FSE FBOs)

      • prepositioned aircraft

      • the actual-destination glacier strip codes, names and coordinates

  • Red Zone, Denali Area

    • PAFW Farewell (to 5Z5 Kantishna and 33AK Nugget Beach) 

      • Cessna 185 Skywagon

      • UX00 Kahiltna Glacier, 62.96676, -151.1668

      • UX01 Ruth Amphitheater, 62.96828, -150.74876

      • UX02 Pika Glacier, 62.96828, -150.74876

      • UX03 Ruth Gorge, 62.85681, -150.69779

      • UX04 Ruth Amphitheater, 62.98963, -150.91081

      • UX07​ Thunder Glacier,  62.92813, -151.12285

      • UX08 Traleika Glacier, 63.12291, -150.79402

      • UX09 Denali Step (SOS), 63.07035, -151.06859

    • PATW Cantwell (to 33AK Nugget Bench) 

      • PA18 Super Cub

      • UX00 Kahiltna Glacier, 62.96676, -151.1668

      • UX01 Ruth Amphitheater, 62.96828, -150.74876

      • UX02 Pika Glacier, 62.96828, -150.74876

      • UX03 Ruth Gorge, 62.85681, -150.69779

      • UX04 Ruth Amphitheater, 62.98963, -150.91081

      • UX07​ Thunder Glacier,  62.92813, -151.12285

    • 15AK Gold North (​to 3AK3 Songlo Vista)

      • ​Cessna 185 Skywagon​
      • UX06​ Eldridge Glacier,  63.02714, -150.4657

      • UX05 Moose's Tooth, 62.96133, -150.62803

    • 3AK3 Songlo Vista (​to 15AK Gold North)​​​

      • PA18 Super Cub

      • one of the pseudo destinations but also owned by us (more jobs for 15AK)

  • Green-North Zone, Blackburn Area

    • Z​93 Copper Ctr Nr2 (to 4AK3 Long Lake)

      • PA18 Super Cub

      • UX21 Kuskalana Top Camp, 61.72584, -143.51255

    • CZOChistochina (to 15Z McCarthy) 

      • PA18 Super Cub

      • UX20 Blackburn North, 61.79356, -143.39256


      • UX22 Kennicott Base, 61.82787, -143.30709

      • UX23​ Regal Root, 61.66451, -142.84253

    • 4AK8 (ICAO: 3T4) ​Tetlin (to KGZ Glacier Creek)

      • ​Cessna 185 Skywagon​ 
      • UX24 Regal Glacier, 61.69551, -142.58211
  • Blue/Green-South Zone, Wrangell-St.Elias Area

    • CEX4Carmacks (2-lots/4-gates, to 19AK Icy Bay, 2Y3 Yakutat SPB, A68 Situk) 

      • Cessna 185 Skywagon

      • UX30 Aina Camp, 60.63086, -140.56791

      • UX31 King Col Logan, 60.59583, -140.81688

      • UX32 South Face Logan, 60.46835, -140.36196

      • UX33 Malaspina North Elias, 60.11193, -140.70046

      • UX35 Columbus Glacier Base - Elias, 60.36177, -140.86701

      • UX36 Newton SOS St. Elias, 60.30597, -140.84247

      • UX37 Tyndal Col Camp Elias, 60.26581, -141.03161

      • UX38 SW Spur Camp Vancouver, 60.31248, -139.80716

      • UX39 Tweedsmuir - Seattle Col, 60.104, -139.16958

For those using Ortho4XP, the
tiles here should cover the AO.
Personally, if you have the disk
space, I'd fill in the open spaces.
Unverified, but from what I
understand, the best
image source is Arc (Arctic).

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