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FALL IN! Listen up, clowndicks!

The abbreviated version: In late September, we stepped out of line and pissed off the FSE BOD, once again. They put us in super-ultra, mega-serious probation, i.e. one more misstep by HBRC or any Staff and we all get perma-banned. So, to avoid that, we shut down operations for the full 90 days. I mean FULL shut down. Every member was ejected from the group until it was over (not everyone came back), except Ben and Mark. Every aircraft and FBO asset was mothballed and placed in a trust. Our first ever Discord rule was imposed (stay off official FSE media). In the end, though, we behaved and came out of it alive in late December. The main casualty is that our aircraft names and PT assignment jobs are no longer funny, just boring crap like everyone else's.
In other news... one of our members generously doubled our FBO assets with a massive Mississippi network.
That same member also gave us a network of 1-lot FBOs in Tahiti and one in England/Ireland.
KBLI Bellingham has been traded for KFHR Friday Harbor.
We bought KLMT Klamath Falls.
We sold KUKI Ukiah back to a close "Friend of HBRC" in gratitude for his long and generous support of HBRC.
Two of our members bought REAL airplanes, a Piper PA28-140 Cherokee and a Beechcraft BE35-C33 Debonair. 

Owner reversed course, returned KLOU network back to HBRC. All is well, nothing to see here, move along...


The entirety of the KLOU network, of which we maintained stewardship, has been returned to its original owner. This leaves us with our US West Coast, Florida, Alaska, Tahiti and Australia networks.

Ownership is now shared between Ben and Mark. Who'da thunk the BOD would actually do something for us?


Ownership of the group transferred back to Mark. Ben's too busy for this shit.

Set up the Frozen Bottom Sledding Club, a bush pilot option in Alaska. More on that here.


Ownership of HBRC has been transferred to Ben. I'm sticking around and helping out but he's now El Capitan.

Once again, it's been a while since I've posted an update here. Let's see... we've sold off most of the Australia network. It just wasn't getting any traction. We have an agreement with FishAir whereby they're letting us use all nine KLMT Klamath Falls gates for free, so all of our Oregon FBOs are pointed there and a few group members have expanded it further. We've also set up base in KJAC Jackson Hole with several FBOs west of there. All FBOs have been supplied through the end of the year. We're doing really well as a group, 2nd place this month for number of flights and number of active members. I think the key to our success is the freedom we offer. We don't make anyone do anything and everyone is free to say whatever they want in the Discord channel, no censorship or moderation whatsoever. It seems like a winning formula.


With some recent, major changes in FSE... the former, money-making, so-called "Slog" is no more.
We have sold the C130, DC-6 and ATR-72. Planes like that just don't make sense with the current FSE structure. Perhaps that will change at some point but not right now.


Exempting myself, of course, I'll be merging the data from our "special" big-plane groups in the Tahiti area into the main HBRC group for future month-end bonuses, effective with the December 1st payout (for work done in November). It's not really fair that some of the hardest work done for the group isn't recognized. If anyone is interested in slogging it out in Tahiti with us, please let me know. It requires some time commitment, and it's not a ton of fun, but it's lucrative.


Okay, I’ve been REALLY slack on updating this. Seems I make most of my announcements on the Discord channel and let this page lapse. I honestly don’t know where to start, but I’ll try...

  • Added a new monthly bonus category: Most Activity on Discord

  • TONS of new members.

  • Lots of new planes (including a Saab 340 and 2nd DC3!)and several new FBOs (namely KUAO and KBLI).

  • ALL FBOs have been supplied through June 1st, 2019. That was a helluva slog.

  • honestly, my mind’s blank, can’t think of anything else right now.


Wow. So much to add since 10 days ago…

  • Miguel and I started a recruitment drive, working out SO much better than I’d imagined. We’ve added more members than I can keep up with. It’s awesome.

  • Added the monthly bonuses, see “Financials"

  • Added the signing bonus, see “Financials"

  • Deleting the Slack and TS3 links. Discord and FB will be our primary comm sources and positively BOOMING. The goal of providing that lost element in FSE, a sense of community, has become reality.

  • One of our new members is a bit if a celebrity, well known in FSE. James “JGL90” came in, flew his 10 flights, got his v$25k, then GAVE the group v$3M and his whole Kentucky network! FUUUUCKKKK!

  • Added a bunch of new planes, more than I can list (remember).

  • We now have something here that exists nowhere else in all of FSE, possibly all of flight simming. A girl! I know, they’re supposed to be a myth, like a unicorn. But they’re REAL! At least, she is. And no, she’s not actually a 350# dude with ketchup stains on his shirt. She’s not some bulldike dude with a vagina, either. She’s not a dude that wears dresses, nor nor is she a dude wearing a squirrel outfit. She’s a very pretty and very real woman. Maya “milapaz” Branko-Mladich, is 100% real. And she’s no slouch, either. She flew fighter jets in the Serbian AF and will fly an entire assignment doing barrel rolls the whole way. Eat your hearts out, Chilkoot!


Well, it was fun while it lasted.


“Your aircraft fleet registration names are in violation of the FSE Terms of Service. We run a kid safe environment. Your sexual references in your registrations will be changed immediately.


FSE Abuse"


My guess is some uptight individual complained. And to be fair, while the names started as subtle rhymes and double-entendres, they did start to get a little too much “on the nose”. Frankly, I’ve wondered how we’ve gotten away with it as long as we have, lol.

I'm sticking with the subtle double-entendre theme and leaving most of the one's that I've named intact. If the "naughty" alternate meaning is subtle enough then it should pass muster. We'll see which ones will end up being changed anyway.

In the meantime, I have returned ALL leases to EVERYONE. Please rename as best as you can (neither sexually explicit nor racially sensitive, either totally benign or subtle reference), and re-lease when you can. Thanks.


Paid off debt for 3-lot FBO, KLGF Laguna AAF, Yuma, AZ


Leasing a Navajo, "Fleet Meat”, will be based at KLGF Laguna AAF, Yuma, AZ


Purchased a Navajo, “Navy Ho”, will be based at YMML Melbourne AU-VIC. (needs ferrying from PHOG)


Added Discord and Slack channels to compliment FB, TS3 and this website. Click "More> Comms” page.


I’ve burned out, selling everything off, closing up shop, entirely walking away from simming.
But you’ve all done such a fantastic job that I’ve deposited v$1M to each of your accounts. Thank you for playing. (edit: April Fool’s day joke)


Added these News/Financials panels and Pancho Barne’s/ HBRC history to this website.



PLEASE, as much as possible, promote HBRC to get more pilots. The 8 we have are doing a great job and are invaluable, but we need more.

The first (and second) rule of Flight Club is: “YOU DO TALK ABOUT FLIGHT CLUB".



HBRC has acquired new FBOs in a beautiful country downundah. And we’re REALLY downundah downundah, in Victoria. It’s fair dinkum, blokes.
So… add to the list of HBRC FBOs, all pointing at YMML Melbourne, AU-VIC (Melbun): 
- YPOD Portland AU-VIC
- YARA Ararat AU-VIC
- YBDG Bendigo AU-VIC
- YECH Echuca AU-VIC
- YDLG Deniliquin AU-NSW

Accordingly, we’ll eventually get a DC3 down there. In the mean time, Juggz (C195) is on her way there now and there’s a system-owned DHC-6 Twin Otter (registration: VH-OGO) available in the area.

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