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Think you’re tough enough?

Maybe so, maybe not.

Only the strongest survive here.

There are three things in aviation
That you can have too much of:
Runway behind you,
Sky above you,
and air in the tanks.

your mama isn’t here to save you.

You’re on your own up there.

WARNING: We're crass, juvenile, disruptive, gross, prurient, deviant, devilish, destructive, irreverent, unadulterated, uncensored, unpredictable, salacious, notorious, flippant, cheeky, cocky, impertinent and a whole lot of fun. We give each other a ton of shit and no one takes anyone seriously.
No holds barred. The gloves are off (unless the "glove" is a euphemism for a condom, in which case you really ought to keep it on, seriously, the clap is forever). Don't get all whiny with your fuckin' panties in a wad if/when someone ribs you, just throw it back in their face and we'll all have a good laugh. No one's getting kicked for being inappropriate; maybe the guy that can't take it, though. We try to post funny stuff in our Discord (we usually fail).
If that offends you, we find that funny.

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