X-Plane Sceneries

Home brewed scenery

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If you’re using XPlane, feel free to download my scenery files for some of our airports.

It’s a slow work in progress.

Prefab FSE airports

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Also for XPlane, if you haven’t already done so, you can add missing airports and basic, prefab scenery (better than the stock, 2D fields) at all of the FSE airports. If placed correctly, it won't conflict with the ones that do have 3D stuff, though.

Ultimate Glacier Pilot

               Got skis?

               This isn't for sale anymore in the .org store, so I don't feel guilty sharing and                 I do so iaw the developer's blanket approval as stated in his website (2nd to last                 line at https://www.unex-planedapps.com/about-us)
               which states "All payware released from active inventory shall be made available                   at no cost."

               It's a little dated, some of the objects and stuff float or act weird and stuff                   like that in XP11, but it's still really fun.


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diap_Bungalows a NTTB.jpg

Really nice scenery for the Tahiti area.
From XPFR.



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