Being an airline pilot would be great,

if you didn’t have to go on all those long trips.

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FSE website link: https://server.fseconomy.net/fbo.jsp?id=49467

Alaska, the Frozen Bottom Sledding Club, [Ultimate Glacier Pilot (UGP)]
  Baby, it's COLD outside. #hardnipples #feminism

    Go to https://www.hbrc.website/fbsc for more info.

Washington (KBLI Bellingham HUB)

  Snoop Dogg's favorite place in the world... he likes the drizzle.

   For KNRA Coupeville NOLF, WA,  Use caution to start & end flights only at the FAR north end of the runway due to proximity with WN40 Coupeville Airpark ​see, KNRA glitch and ​also FSE Manuals ref.)

Oregon (KLMT Klamath and S47/KTMK Tillamook HUBS)

  Where the locals don't tan in summer, they rust.

California and Nevada (KOAK Oakland and KSAN San Diego HUBS)

  N69HB, you're like totally cleared to squawk VFR and hang loose. Fer sure, brah.

Arizona (57AZ)
  Where cows give evaporated milk and the Sun Tea is instant.

Kentucky/Indiana/Ohio (KLOU Louiseville HUB)

  Fly the Bourbon Trail, squeal like a pig!

Mississippi/Arkansas/Alabama/Tennessee/Florida/Texas (KNJW Meridian hub)

  Where the riverboat Captains give an "Aye!" for an "Aye!" and a TOOT for a TOOT.

Georgia/Florida (KMCO Orlando HUB)

  Take Florida Man and his wife/daughter/sister/aunt to Disneyworld!

Australia (YARM Armidale, NSW HUB)

  If you're a fuckin' fair dinkum full-grown Ozzie, come on downundah for a VB longneck, at 20 to 8 in the fucking mornin', ya fuckin dog cunt. We'll throw another prawn on the barbie, even if you're a bogan Collingwood supporter. No worries, she'll be right, mate.

England/Scotland/Ireland (EGCD Manchester/EIMI Dublin HUBS)

  Two Englishman, two Irishmen, and two Scotsmen are shipwrecked on an island. Within a month, the Irishmen are distilling whiskey, the Scotts are selling it at their pub, and the Englishmen are drinking on opposite sides of the bar because they haven't yet been properly introduced.

Marquesas Islands (NTMN Fatu Hiva HUB)

  Palm frondes et mésanges se balançant dans une brise légère.