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About HBRC

The FSEconomy group for those who seek adventure and a probable, quick death...

During the Cold War...

Marine Corps Corporal Mark “Print744” Printup assumed command of a squadron of bush pilots. They are a collection of misfits and screwballs that have become the terror of FSEconomy. They are known as the Happy Bottom Riding Club (subsidized by a “black" organization within the US DoD, so shhhhh!!!).


Our route network covers the tip of Southern California and the Mojave Desert area (home of Pancho Barnes’ original Happy Bottom Riding Club), Northern California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Kentucky, Tahiti and Australia. Some areas are themed, ie. Arizona is “Sky King” and Tahiti is “Tales of the Gold Monkey”.

Why are we the best FSE group? HA! Who ever said we’re the best? Lately, we’ve been the second best, The current leader has all kinds of stupid rules, like everyone has to fly at least once a month or they're booted. We don't believe in rules.

WARNING: we're a bunch of hellraising fuckups. We're crass, juvenile, disruptive, gross, prurient, deviant, devilish, destructive, irreverent, unadulterated, uncensored, unpredictable, salacious, notorious, flippant, cheeky, cocky, impertinent and a whole lot of fun. We give each other a ton of shit and no one takes anyone seriously.


NSFC x10

No holds barred. The gloves are off (unless the "glove" is a euphemism for a condom, it which case you really ought to keep it on, seriously, the clap is forever). Don't get all whiny with your fuckin' panties in a wad if/when someone ribs you, just throw it back in their face and we'll all have a good laugh. No one's getting kicked for being inappropriate; maybe we'll kick the guy that can't take it, though. And the dumbass that's just a total douche. Don't be a douche.



So… if you’ve got the cojones, then join this FSEconomy Group, see things and go places that you’ll never want to again!

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